CRA’P Workshops 2020

25 and 26 de January from 10h to 14h

The main objective of the workshop is to explore the place we recognize and identify as our own through the body, generating different ways of relating to others (touch, sight, perception, etc.), and gradually becoming aware of the space that contains and sustains us.

The workshop proposes collective exercises of movement in the space, of relationships with another person through the use of objects, and of explorations of the sustainability of the place itself in connection with the space and the situations that are generated in any relationship.

The workshop is aimed to anyone, having or not experience in Performing Arts, and interested in exploring the relationship with the other and the space that sustains.







Conducted by Toni Cots

70€ (55€ CRA’P collaborators and associated members, members of the APDC, AADPC, AGT, and graduates from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona).

Registrations: / 666 763 504

At CRA’P space

Toni Cots has studied theatre and dance as well as traditional Asian performing and martial arts. Researcher, director, teacher and dramatist of Performing Arts. Cultural manager and coordinator of international festivals, projects and creation centres. Founding member of CRA’P. He has given workshops in Europe, South America and North Africa.


Photos: Alba Montañez

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