CRA’P resident October 2019 to December 2022


‘Parting is taking steps
out of the room
with the thread. The same thread.
The word silence inside.
Inside oneself – one?’
Threads, Chantal Maillard.

This piece is a proposal to open a place to the instant. In the labyrinth either we find ourselves, or we become forever lost.

This creative process is related to the myth of Ariadne, or The Lady of the Labyrinth, as Christine Downing calls her in ‘The Goddess. Mythological images of the feminine’, as well as to Chantal Maillard’s literature, and to Kiki Smith’s artworks.

In the labyrinth a journey that has no end, that has no beginning is drawn. She goes through it with the thread, and in doing the journey she makes her trajectory. Inside the body appears the other, ‘the animal – in – myself’, in silence, waiting.








Isidora Zegers, graduated as a performer in dance in 2008, since then has developed as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, some of her work, which has been developed in collaboration with artists from various disciplines, are: “Voy a bailar una canción que hicieron John y Paul cuando eran amigos” Festival Fronteras Rosario and Festival Escena Doméstica Santiago; “Arrivedeci Amore = Mío” Festival Escena Doméstica Rosario and Santiago; “Refugio” which is part of the choreographic encounter Sala Arrau of the Municipal Theater, financed by the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile; “Manual de Instrucciones” made with the support of the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile and “Marte”, recently in residence at Graner, Creació del Cos i Moviment Center, Barcelona, currently in process. As a dancer she has worked in the company of the chilean choreographer Jose Vidal and in Insomnia, of the italo argentinean choreographer Gisela Fantacuzzi.

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