CRA’P Presentations 2024 30 June at 6 pm at Can Gomà Theatre– Mollet del Vallès ‘Nothing but this: being a teenager’ places adolescence at the centre in order to experience it first-hand. Confronting the questions that arise in this vital moment, both intense and chaotic. A time marked by constant and radical changes, where the […]

THE LEGACY OF THE KALARI CRA’P Presentations 2024 Saturday, 25 May at 19:00 at CRA’P space We remember the master Veerasree Sami Gurukkal, who dedicated his life to the transmission of Kalarippayattu that we do at CRA’P. A great opportunity to discover kalarippayattu. There will be demonstrations by kalari practitioners, and the screening of the […]

CRA’P Collaborations 2024 Friday 26 Abril at 20h Mercat Vell – Mollet del Vallès CRA’P presents “ànima” a dance performance by Oscar Dasí In 2013, shortly after leaving La Porta, I received an invitation from the Ensalle Theatre in Vigo to participate in ‘Seis Cordas’, a programme where more than a piece, I was asked […]

SOUPHIÈNE AMIAR CRA’P Residences 2024 12 April at 19h At CRA’P space Weaves together several strands: a writer struggling with his inability to come to terms with reality, the story of Ahmed and the metaphorical door, interwoven in a choreographic tapestry. Ahmed symbolises hope for a better tomorrow, his untimely death leaving a lasting mark, […]

CRA’P Colaborations 2024 VISIONS OF AN EXPANDED TIME 16 March from 18:30h to 20:30h Cultural Centre La Marineta, Mollet del Vallès Limited places with prior reservation: / 666 763 504 Free Entrance CRA’P in collaboration with the Archives OVNI – Observatory of Video Not Identified and the Cultural Centre ‘La Marineta’, presents a video […]

CRA’P collaborations 2024 Friday 8 de March at 19h 4 benches Rambla Fiveller – Mollet del Vallès CRA’P presents “#socpetiquipeti” a performance resulting from the creation workshop “We the woman” that has been carried out over the last month by the creator Esther Freixa i Ràfols. “#socpetiquipeti” is a performance in which women put their […]

ELUDA DANCE CO. CRA’P Residencies 2024 31 January at 19h CRA’P space “Wake up Topia” indirectly relates to life, time, and those left behind. Through poetic images and original compositions, the choreographer and dancer, Emilie Lund (Eluda Dance Co. – Black Circle) in collaboration with the composer and performing artist Petra Banke, invite you into […]

ZOE BALASCH CRA’P Residencies 2023 15 December at 19:30 CRA’P space An interdisciplinary investigation based on the choreomania: the bodies, the light, the sound and the states of transit. The possibility of re-signifying the choric corporality and the disorderly movements that merge. To mutate also the perspective of what we consider normal/abnormal, beauty and taboo […]

SECOND PORTAL: SURRENDER General rehearsal CRA’P Presentations 2023 Sunday 3 December at 16:00 CRA’P space The Mahābhārata is a more than seven thousand pages long story about the transcendental human condition. Respirar el Mahabharata (To breathe the Mahabharata) is the vow to narrate the Mahabharata between 2016 and 2028, releasing each 12th of December an […]

MEMORY AND RESILIENCE CRA’P Collaborations 2023 Friday 10 November from 19:30h to 21:30h Auditorium of the Cultural Centre La Marineta, Mollet del Vallès. CRA’P is presenting in collaboration with the OVNI Archives – Observatory of Unidentified Video, a video programme with a subsequent colloquium on the limits that separate reason from the human condition, carrying […]

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