CIA. ADONK! CRA’P residents february 2012 Presentations: saturday 25th of february at 17:30 at  Pl.Prat de la Riba, Mollet at 19:30 at CRA’P + INFO Photos: CRA’P Photos: Núria Munné

CARLOS PACO PITARCH CRA’P resident November – Desember 2011 – January 2012 Presentation: Friday 10th of February at 20h at  CRA’P + INFO Photos: CRA’P

curated by Toni Cots CRA’P publications 2012 Presentation: Tuesday 24 January 19:30 at the bookshop La Central + INFO Photos: CRA’P  

curated by Toni Cots CRA’P publications 2011 Presentation: Tuesday 29 Novembre 20h at the bookshop L’Illa + INFO  

CECILIA COLACRAI – GABRIELA BARBERIO – SEBASTIAN GARCIA FERRO CRA’P residents  july- september- november 2011 Presentation: friday 11th of november at 20h at CRA’P + INFO   Photos: CRA’P

ÚLTIMO COMBOIO CRA’P project in residence May 2011 Presentation: Saturday 15 October 20h at CRA’P + INFO

MAGÍ SERRA FORASTÉ CRA’P resident May – June 2011 Presentation: 3rd of july 17:30 at CRA’P + INFO Photos: CRA’P

CRA’P presentations 2011 29 June at 20h at CRA’P The project nAu now by Aurora Balasch (dancer and dance maker, Igualada) and Antoine Berthiaume (guitarist and composer, Montreal) was developed at CeRCCA, Centre for research and creation Casamarlès, space for creation and international artistic residences in Llorenç del Penedès, in collaboration with L’Escorxador, Vilafranca del Penedès. […]

NÚRIA GUIU SAGARRA CRA’P resident May – June 2011 Presentation: Wednesday 15th of June 20h at CRA’P + INFO Photos: CRA’P

POH PRODUCTIONS / ONA FUSTÉ – PHOEBE OSBORNE CRA’P artists in residence April – May – November 2011 Presentation: Sunday 5 June 19h at CRA’P + INFO Photos: CRA’P

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