CRA’P Workshops 2020 25 and 26 de January from 10h to 14h The main objective of the workshop is to explore the place we recognize and identify as our own through the body, generating different ways of relating to others (touch, sight, perception, etc.), and gradually becoming aware of the space that contains and sustains us. […]

ANTARAYĀTRA: WORKSHOP ABOUT HOW THE BREATHE THE MAHABHARATA CRA’P Public presentations – Workshops 2019 12 December from 19:30h to 22:30h To breathe the Mahabharata is a 12 years performance in the form of 12 shows to be premiered each 12th of the 12th, between 2016 and 2028. This fourth chapter has the format of a […]

CRA’P Workshops 2019 30 November and 1 December from 10h to 14h 14 and 15 December from 10h to 14h The main resource of the theatre practitioner is the imagination. In addition to its presence and concentration, it is also essential the extra energy with which the performer sends to the viewers the exterior or/and […]

CRA’P Workshops 2019 HINDUISM: ART AND TRADITION The Centre KALARIGRAM of Auroville, India, comes back to CRA’P and we organise two weeks of activities based on Kalaripayattu, a millenary tradition of knowledge and practices about martial arts, health and spirituality. Between the 7 and 23 July, with the collaboration of the space Nassara (Masnou) and […]

CRA’P Workshops 2019 15 – 16 June from 9:30h to 14h The purpose of the workshop is to investigate the act of “listening of the body”, using tools that come from body techniques, performing arts and therapeutic practices such as dance movement therapy or psychodrama. This workshop is aimed at any person doing artistic or therapeutic practices, […]

US IN SPACE / SPACE IN US CRA’P Workshops 2019 Thursdays from 2nd May to 20th June from 20h to 22h In this workshop we will articulate elements of Qigong, Osteomuscular Therapy and Dance, that allow us to enter the body, and its internal spatiality, its movement, and relationship with outer space. In this relationship, […]

CRA’P Workshops 2019 23-24 February and 9-10 March, from 16h to 19h Creation workshop to explore affective and sentimental relationships. Could you imagine what the body of love would be like if this body were your own body? Can love offer us a way to feel that builds new affections, new looks, other complicities? What […]

Exploration workshop CRA’P Workshops 2019 Thurday from 20h to 22h from 7th March to 11th April Workshop where the methodology of the last work of Diana Gadish will be shared: Atlantis. Sketch of a landscape. Different practices will be proposed, in order to help us to connect with the sensitivity of the body. At the same […]

CRA’P Collaborations 2019 Informative session on Friday 22 February at 19:00, Cultural Centre La Marineta Friday 15 March, 18:00 – 21:00 This workshop aims to foster an encounter and a reflection in which the body and the research based materials of body-document become tools to analyse, debate and experiment femininity – the female body, its […]

The beauty of theatre to work with people at risk of social exclusion CRA’P Workshops 2019 2nd and 3rd March. Saturday from 10h to 17h – Sunday from 10h to 15h ‘Raw Theatre’ or ‘Theatre of Yes’ is a methodology that uses the power of beauty as a language to break stereotypes of situations that […]

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