CRA’P Workshops 2023 29 April from 11h to 12:30 “Improving our relationships with others makes us happier” I invite you to enjoy with your family a small expressive oasis within the frenetic rhythm of everyday life by means of play and movement. We will create a safe space for children and adults where the body will […]

Strands of movement and language CRA’P Workshops 2023 22 and 23 April from 11h to 17h Strands of Movement and Language strand 2, noun A – a single thin length of something such as thread, fibre, or wire, esp. as twisted together with others: a strand of cotton B – an element that forms part […]

                       ( the mediating body ) CRA’P Workshops 2023 Tuesdays, 12:30 to 14:30. From January to May. Starting 10th January. ONLINE. Throughout this workshop we will approach the body as an interrogation, the space as labyrinth, time as the breath of the ongoing presence,  the movement […]

CREATION, GAME AND MOVEMENT CRA’P Workshops 2022-2023 From October to June Initial meeting 20 september at 18h It is a proposal based on the performing arts of theater and dance, a workshop to discover your own body, the relationship with others and the creative fact. Through different techniques each child can develop awareness of the body, […]

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