CRA’P Public presentations – Workshops 2020 6, 12 and 20 December  Respirar el Mahābhārata is a 12 years long ritual performance. Between december 12th 2016 and december 12th 2028 Michael Gadish commits himself to live deepening in the great tale of the Mahabharata. Every fifteen days he will share his progress in the blog […]

CRA’P Collaborations 2020 21 Nov / 12 Dec / 16 and 30 Jan / 20 Feb CRA’P in collaboration with the Museum Abelló in the cycle ‘Landscape in land-scape’. We propose a workshop that we call “work-shop” for the possibility of intervening experiences that provide a drift that we call “toppling”. It is a toppling […]

CRA’P Workshops 2020 6 Wednesday, starts 21 October. Sessions every 15 days. 20h Spain 15h Argentina / Chile 13h Mexico Tradicional storytelling from India uses poetic suggestion as a way to deconstruct our most inbound beliefs. A method that replaces creativity for beliefs. In this workshop we propose a following of a process the brings tools […]

BODY – AWARNESS – CREATIVITY CRA’P Workshops 2020 From October to December Thursdays from 20h to 22h Workshop based on personal exploration through various techniques and practices witch let us connect with the sensitivity of the body and open our perception. We will experience the creative body through movement, breathing, voice, presence and writing. Each […]

CREATION, GAME AND MOVEMENT CRA’P Workshops 2020-2021 From October to June Initial meeting 22/09 at 18h It is a proposal based on the performing arts of theater and dance, a workshop to discover your own body, the relationship with others and the creative fact. Through different techniques each child can develop awareness of the body, […]

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