CRA’P Workshops 2019 HINDUISM: ART AND TRADITION The Centre KALARIGRAM of Auroville, India, comes back to CRA’P and we organise two weeks of activities based on Kalaripayattu, a millenary tradition of knowledge and practices about martial arts, health and spirituality. Between the 25 June and 5 July, with the collaboration of the space Nassara (Masnou) […]

CRA’P Workshops 2019 15 – 16 June from 9:30h to 14h The purpose of the workshop is to investigate the act of “listening of the body”, using tools that come from body techniques, performing arts and therapeutic practices such as dance movement therapy or psychodrama. This workshop is aimed at any person doing artistic or therapeutic practices, […]

US IN SPACE / SPACE IN US CRA’P Workshops 2019 Thursdays from 2nd May to 20th June from 20h to 22h In this workshop we will articulate elements of Qigong, Osteomuscular Therapy and Dance, that allow us to enter the body, and its internal spatiality, its movement, and relationship with outer space. In this relationship, […]

CRA’P Workshops 2018-2019 SCENIC BODY CREATION, GAME AND MOVEMENT From October to June It is a proposal based on the performing arts of theater and dance, a workshop to discover your own body, the relationship with others and the creative fact. Through different techniques each child can develop awareness of the body, attention, and work […]

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