We wish to work from the collaboration and exchange of experiences, without preset limits or previous call. Our approach is to adapt to the maximum to each project, both in terms of working schedule as well as the compensation between CRA’P and the residents. Projects can be either of creation, research or both.

What is offered:

Working space during the agreed period of time

Flexible timetable

Opportunity to participate in the activity of CRA’P

What is required:

Information about the project

Profile of the artist or the group applying for the residence

A provision of the needed dates and times

What is asked:

In terms of exchange for the residence, CRA’P will ask the applicant some compensation which will be pact according to duration and conditions of the residence. These compensations may include, among others, to become associated for one year and / or develop a public activity, workshop or presentation of the process.

If you’re interested to make a residence in CRA’P, send us your project and schedule proposal to info@cra-p.org


CRA'P - pràctiques de creació i recerca artística | Anselm Clavé 67, 3r | 08100 Mollet del Vallès | info@cra-p.org