Has completed her dance studies in AREA (Barcelona), the Dance Conservatory of Valencia, and Sead (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria).

Bases her dance work on the following techniques: Release, Klein, Axis Syllabus and Contact Improvisation, as well as improvisation techniques, View Points and instant composition. Among her most influential teachers highlights: July Hamilton, with whom she is still training, Susan Rethorst, Martin Sonderkamp, Milan Kozanek, Claudia You, Eileen Standley, Tedder Stoffer, Hisako Horikawa and David Zambrano.

Since 2003 she has created and directed several short and medium length pieces(solo, site specific, installation and collective work), and has conducted several research studies in dance and motion. Her research work includes two approaches: one is the instant composition, and the other looking to the body as a basic instrument to put ideas and thoughts in motion.

She currently combines motherhood and her job as dance teacher together with her performance research on movement.

She is a member of the platform CrIM (Independent Artists in Motion) and a founding member of CRA’P – Pràctiques de creació i recerca artística.



CRA'P - pràctiques de creació i recerca artística | Anselm Clavé 67, 3r | 08100 Mollet del Vallès | info@cra-p.org