CRA’P Collaborations 2019

Informative session on Friday 22 February at 19:00, Cultural Centre La Marineta

Friday 15 March, 18:00 – 21:00

This workshop aims to foster an encounter and a reflection in which the body and the research based materials of body-document become tools to analyse, debate and experiment femininity – the female body, its social conception and its role in society.

Cuerpo-Documento, is a scenic piece linked to a practice that experiments and draws lines between the installation, the choreography and the performance. It explores, through research and creation, a diversity of languages ​​such as video, photography and iconography. It focuses on the female body as a poetic document and a potentially political space.

During the workshop, concepts, images and memories of identity, gender, controlled female topography, fashion, etc. will be explored. Also, research materials of Cuerpo-documento in the form of images, notes, videos and readings will be shared. Through various performing techniques, the workshop will focus on the body as a material and as a ground to search and experience womanhood.

No previous experience is required. Open to any interested woman.
Minimum age to participate: 18 years old.









Imparted by Estitxu Arroyo Sánchez


Registration: / +3493 570 49 37


More information:

Estitxu Arroyo Sánchez is a performer, actress and multidisciplinary theatre maker. She studied at the Navarra School of Theatre, and has a BA in Theatre at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Was awarded an scholarship for further study at the University der Künste in Berlin (UdK) and was a student of the MA in scenic practice and visual culture by the University of Alcalá de Henares and Artea, in collaboration with the Museo Reina Sofía, La casa encendida and Matadero in Madrid. Currently, she is a qualified teacher of Hatha Yoga and meditation at the public University of Navarra, among other places. At the same time, she works as a storyteller, and gives classes and workshops based on the creative act, the live arts and movement.

This activity is the outcome of CRA’P collaborating with the International Women’s Day Programme of the City of Mollet del Vallès


Fotos: Alba Montañez


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