CRA’P residents August 2018 to July 2019


Utzbach reflects on the existence of the performing artist and of artistic and social sexism. The embryo and the central concept of the project are an adaptation of the play Der Theatermacher (1984) by Thomas Bernhard, one of the most important Austrian writers of the 20th century, a word composer, an artist of magnification with a critical, social and reflective nature in all his work. Utzbach is a proposal based on text and movement, articulated from the monologue of the main character interpreted by two voices. We are interested in researching the movement of the body based on the interpretation of the text, with an undressed scene where the voice and the body are almost the only compositional elements.







Anna Garreta (Barcelona, 1987). Performer, creator and teacher. She is formed in contemporary dance and dramatic art. She has participated in series such as Centro Médico, La Pelu or Nit i Dia, and on the TVmovie La Lum d’Elna. As a performing and creator, she has participated in different projects such as naaras, selected at the III Encuentro de Jóvenes Coreógrafos Gracias x Favor (Santander, 2016); folk, awarded at the Festival Mutis de Teatre Independent de Barcelona (2017); and Un Nou Inici, The Amateurs Company, selected at the Croquis BCN Sala Beckett (2016), premiered at the nunOff Festival de Creació Emergent de Barcelona (2017) and presented at the Dreams Before Dawn Festival (Paris, 2017).

Quim Vilagran (Girona, 1978). Performer, creator, teacher and biologist. It begins in dramatic art and forms in contemporary dance in different spaces of creation in Barcelona. He is interested in the language of the body, the text, the dramaturgy and the stage scene. Investigate and work the movement based on the simplicity, efficiency and animality of the body. He has participated in different creative projects as creator and performer, the most important being El otro, a dance show awarded at the Caravana de Tráilers (GRUA) at the GREC Festival de Barcelona (2014), which premiered at the TNT- Terrassa Noves Tendències, Terrassa (2015) and Etc, etc., an awarded dance show at the International Festival of Pula, Croatia (2013) with the Oriantheatre Dance Company.

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