CRA’P collaborations 2018


From 27 April to 18 May at the CIRD Joana Barcala

Photographs of a creative workshop in which the body was a vehicle for encounter, reflection and expression. In 2017, sixteen women under the direction of Esther Freixa, lived this experience in the space of CRA’P, and at the Cultural Centre La Marineta was publicly staged during the Women’s Day program. The exhibition proposes a journey through this process of creation by showing the intimacy of the encounter, and the multiple ways of looking in our contemporary world to the fact of being a woman.

The photographs are by Lourdes Ràfols and Alba Montañez.







CIRD Joana Barcala is located in Àngel Guimerà, 15, Mollet del Vallès.

Free entrance

This activity is the result of a Cra’p collaboration with the City of Mollet del Vallès 


Photos: Alba Montañez

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