CRA’P resident May to October 2017 – April to June 2018


“(…) Because each walk is a kind of crusade that some hermit preaches in our interior so that we can move on and reconquer in the hands of the unfaithful this Holy Land.”

Walk. Henry David Thoreau.

Saunterer is a performance based on walking as an act of resistance, in the philosophy of Santiago López Petit and in the Pressures of Space in White. A radical gesture of someone who wants to make their want to live a collective challenge. From someone who wants to free himself from what reality forces him to be, he wants to stop being the brand in which we have become. Open holes to breathe, light fires at night. In the deepest part of our despair, there is a joy that calls us.







Artistic cast:

Idea: Marc Rodrigo

Creation: Marc Rodrigo with the colaboration of María Stoyanova

Interpretation: Marc Rodrigo

Direction: María Stoyanova

Photo: Natalía Lucía

Length: 75 min.

With the support of: Cra’p (Pràctiques de Creació i Recerca Artística), Fundació La Plana, G.R.U.A ( Grup de Recerca d’Universos Artístics), Festival Escena Poblenou, Cal Gras and Ajuntament del Masnou

Thanks to: Santiago López Petit and Diana Gadish


Ameno, alter ego by Marc Rodrigo Gutiérrez, is the founder, president, secretary, treasurer and sole member of COLECTIVO AMENO. After wanting to be a soccer player and rock singer, Marc studied philosophy and this intense experience led him to want to become a clown. He began in the world of clown, improvising on the street and after a while he formed his first company.

Among others, Christophe Tellier, Fanny Giraud, Montell Miner, Joan Estrader, Gorka Ganso, Gabriel Chamé, Antón Valén, etc. … In 2011 he created his own collective and since then he has been combining his philosophy of living for home with humor. He has created several shorts, the Amena Philosophy room show, has been part of the group of Imbecil-litat of Pep Vila and the company of Clown Zinc Co.

She currently works with Diana Gadish, doing the music of her latest street show, Handle with Care and with poet Danilo Facelli

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