CRA’P talks 2017

Sunday 21 May at 12:00h. 

Encounter about the Theatre as a political act. Drawing from the production ‘The faces of silence’, subjects such as the historical memory, the theatre as witness, the transmission of the memory along generations, etc. will be approached. A dialogue with Peter Gadish and Carmina Pérez: two persons, two generations two origins (Hungary and Spain).

Vermouth will be offered during the encounter.

Peter Gadish, born in Hungary in 1947. Began his theatrical experience since childhood. He took part in children’s theatre, radio programs and TV. At 17, he participated in the foundation of a satirical group and during his university studies in chemistry he made his living working as a showman in nightclubs. He studied acting at the Theatre Faculty of Tel Aviv University. In 1981 he co-founded the theatre group NEVE TZEDEK (Tel Aviv), representing own creations and plays written by Israeli playwrights, always with a socio-political background. In 1989 he moves to Barcelona and since then he is mainly engaged in education and punctual directions. He teaches “energy and imagination” and Clown in several schools (Col.legi del Teatre, Timbal, Estudis de Teatre, Institut del Teatre, Laboratori de Teatre, etc) and intensive courses in different places.

Carmina Pérez Soriano, BA in Drama at the ‘Colegio del Teatro’ in Barcelona, and in Social Education at the University of Barcelona. Trained in theatre at the ‘Theatre laboratory’ in Barcelona, and in Stanislavski’s technics with the collective ‘El Teatro Rojo’ in Belarus. Trained as a clown and acrobatics in the Circus School Escuela Rogelio Rivel, and also in dance. Has been in different theatre companies since 2001, making theatre productions based in classical and contemporary authors. She also draws and paints, and has taken courses and made several illustrative projects. Her first theatre production was Cuerpos Negros designed to be performed in non-theatrical spaces. She is searching to perform in other spaces, using the existing daily spaces as stage, not in an artificial way , in order to get to understand how these spaces contribute and establish a direct relation with the audience. ‘Los Rostros del Silencio’ (The faces of Silence) is her first solo performance.


Free admission.




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