CRA’P collaborations 2017

Creative workshop

Informative talk: Thursday 15 December at 19h in cultural center La Marineta

A meeting space where, through various tools from performing and performing arts, each participant can develop an internal process of their own by sharing experiences through dialogue and knowledge sharing.

With a woman’s body is a proposal for a workshop and creative process that seeks to open a framework for reflection on the fact of being a woman in our contemporary world. No previous experience is required, any interested woman can participate.

Conducted by Esther Freixa: performer, actress and theatre maker







From 12 January to 10 March 2017

Work sessions: Thursdays from 19h to 21h in Cra’p

Public presentation: Friday 10 March 2017 at 20h

Free fee

Registration: / 93 570 49 37

More information:

This activity is the result of a Cra’p collaboration in the International Women Day Program of the City of Mollet del Vallès 




Photos: Lourdes Ràfols

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