CRA’P residents June 2016


A meeting between three researchers-performers: Charlotte Slater, Ilona Muñoz Rizzo and Johanne Lange (all graduates of MA Ensemble Theatre at Rose Bruford College 2015).

We are all vocal performers and researchers, and share a passionate interest in the voice/body connection and how to develop vocal practices useful for the interdisciplinary ensemble performer. For this explorative meeting, each researcher will bring their individual approach and experience to the table. They include anthropological perspectives on the development of song, work with traditional songs, vocal improvisation, song as dramatic action and body-breath work. As well as becoming more aware of our own individual practices, we will also seek to exchange, integrate and begin to articulate meaningful framework and pedagogy for teaching vocal work.


Stars, spinning, black holes and cancer…

This project is an exploration of the works of astronomer/poet Rebecca Elson, who died aged 39 of cancer. A scientist, who walked the edge of the unknown and reached for poetry to express the full picture of her understanding of the universe and her own humanity. 

Her work is a micro/macro cosmic, scientific/poetic investigation of the mysterious invisible forces that dominate the universe (known as dark matter and dark energy), as well as the seemingly just as mysterious appearance of cancer – aggressive cells attacking the healthy ones – in a human body.

In this initial week of research we will work through embodiment, movement, vocal explorations and the practice of spinning (whirling dance), exploring the themes of her scientific work and her poems.

black hole 5

Charlotte Slater (UK): a physical performer, workshop facilitator and theatre maker currently based in London. The core of her training has been in the Growtoski tradition of Polish Laboratory practice. Her work focuses on physical storytelling, folk song in performance and ensemble practice. She is currently a member of Seemia theatre whose lastest project, Evros, is a reaction to the refugee crisis.

She is passionate about ensemble singing and is developing her practice based on anthropological studies into the singing of early man; how we can be free in our use of our own voice and how we can come together collectively to bathe each other in sound.

Johanne Baadsgaard Lange (DK): studied physical theatre and devising at London International School of Performing Arts, and recently graduated from the MA Ensemble Theatre programme at Rose Bruford College in association with the Bral School of Acting (Teatr Pieśń Kozła). She is a singer, theatre maker, teacher, and student of various life/art practices. She is most curious and passionate about embodied/voiced art, creative communities, and healing.

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