CRA’P collaborations 2016

Thursday 9th of June at 20h 
Cultural Center La Marineta – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents “Güera, a Play on Significance & Meaning” a performance by and with Kata Cots (Mexico)

From my perspective, the way that we relate to each other is derived from the meanings with which we clothe ourselves and encompass others. I ask myself what does the trained dancer’s body become for the spectator when her code of movement and context are fractured.

Starting from the nude female pose and its representation, Güera, in this case a nude that is clothed, intends to evoke the relationship between the one who “looks” and the subject and/or “object” of his/her desire or rejection.

The process of making Güera (which in Mexico in Spanish means a sexy white girl) is derived from movement identified with images and representations of the female body that transform it. The proposed structure is based on different sequences of action that unravel in public/privatized spaces such as malls, store windows, hair salons, etc.






Concept: Kata Cots

Dramaturgy: Toni Cots

Performer: Kata Cots

Video: Alan Marquez

Project in residence with Péndulo Cero Dance Company.

With the support of Casa de Cultura in Tijuana, Municipal Institute of Arts & Culture

Thanks to: Leobardo Sarabia – Interzona Festival of Tijuana, Ava Odorica, Jorge Domínguez, Carlos González, David Mariano, Elizabeth Pettit, Liv Fauver & Esther Freixa.

Kata Cots researches dance practices and is a professional contemporary dancer and teacher. She is of Spanish and American nationality and has performed and taught in Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and India. She lives in Tijuana, Mexico, a metropolis on the border with the United States where she has collaborated with different companies and artists during the last six years. She is a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® in somatic education by The Feldenkrais Guild ® of North America and is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College (New York) in Dance and Cultural & Political Anthropology. Her most recent work Güera ( which means sexy white girl in Mexico) was created during a creative residency in Tijuana with the dance company Péndulo Cero and Toni Cots.

Free entrance. Limited seats.

This activity is the outcome of a collaboration between the residence programme of Cra’p and the City of Mollet del Vallès


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