CRA’P collaborations 2016

Saturday 30 April at 19:30h 
Can Gomà Theatre – Mollet del Vallès

CRA’P presents “
Si se diera un cuerpo al bullicio” by Constanza Brncic and Nuno Rebelo

A proposal between a concert and a performance that includes a participatory workshop and a talk with the artists.

Nuno Rebelo and Constanza Brncic have collaborated for a few years in diverse works of scenic creation. The interest that both share for the experimental music, the improvisation and the pleasure of the performance game, has led them to meet in different occasions and contexts, to improvise with sound and body. From these meetings, some with audience, others without, there has arisen a specific language that combines physical action and musical creation.

The result of these meetings is If a body would be thrown to the hustle a piece that explores the relation between movement and sound production. Working from the development of structures (scores) the performers generate diverse compositions that fluctuate between the eventful and the necessary. Using different amplified objects and instruments, sonorous spaces are taking place and physical actions and images arising, constructing a piece that moves in an area between the concert and the performance.

After the presentation there will be a participatory workshop and a talk. “From the elements that we use in our work, we invite the public to create music and motion pictures sharing with us what they have seen and felt.”


Artistic Credits:
Movement and music: Constanza Brncic + Nuno Rebelo
Artistic collaboration and direction assistance: Beatriz González Magadán
Photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín
Constanza Brncic
Constanza Brncic has developed her particular perspective of body and scenic fact for twenty years. Formed in contemporary dance and new dance in New York, she gets soon interested for the work developed by Min Tanaka (Body Weather), which she learns with choreographers Hisako Horikawa and Andrés Corchero, among others. The Body Weather understands body as transforming matter. Body is moved by the environment, in all it´s layers. Body becomes landscape. To this line of research joins the important influence of the work of perception and composition developed by american choreographer Lisa Nelson (Tunning Scores).The practice that proposes Constanza Brncic, takes these two influences as a substrate. The development of the work during these years has created other questions, diverse parameters, own lines of investigation. Her areas of action include different formats: scenic creation, as interpreter and choreographer, social projects in different contexts (hospitals, schools, jails, groups of non-dancers) and projects in the area of the improvisation.  /
Nuno Rebelo
After finishing the architecture career, he decides to devote to his real passion: the music. From 1983 to 1989, he directs the group of rock Mler ife Dada, released in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Algeria. From 1988 composes music for dance (with choreographers like Rui Horta, Vera Mantero, Paulo Riveiro, Mark Tompkins, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton among others) as well as for cinema and theatre. He improvises in concert with musicians like Joan Saura, Agustí Fernandez, Ferran Fages, Lali Barrière, Marco Franco, Kato Hideki, Alfredo-Costa Monteiro and the longest etc.) and dancers.He is a creator of installations and sound sculptures, and has directed diverse projects with non-musicians, composing musical pieces with objects to be performed in specific spaces or theatres of the city. His versatility and inventiveness as a creator have led him to make music for most different occasions and diverse contexts from which it is necessary to distinguish the music composition for the official opening of Porto 2001, The European Capital of Culture or the official anthem of the Universal Exhibition of Lisbon, Expo 98 ‘. Nowadays it lives in

Fee: 5€
This activity is the result of a Cra’p collaboration in the International Dance Day Program of the City of Mollet del Vallès 
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