CRA’P residents July 2014


Research, creation process and performance

A research based project on the effects of violence in the collective imaginary and its impact on the present and future generations. A performance piece in public spaces inviting audiences to revisit the memory, the affections and collective spaces, in order to renew perception.

In residence during June and September at Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels), July at Cra’p (Creation Practices and Artistic Research, Mollet, Spain) in order to search for a common language and begin to create the script. The first presentation of the piece will be in Ostend (Vrijstaat O) Belgium, in November 2014.

The three theatremakers, that have their roots in different cities: Beirut, Brussels, and Barcelona, met in a laboratory in Beirut during the International Seminar Artworks & Landmarks 2013.


Chirine Karame (LB): Is a Lebanese Canadian woman and a mother of 2 boys. She currently lives in England. She has studied performance art and educational psychology at the University of Montréal. She continued dancing after being operated with a total knee replacement. She is currently studying art therapy. Chirine has worked as a theatre maker (writing, directing, choreographing) and as a performer. She participated in many festivals in different countries. And also she performed with well-known directors in the Arab world. As an educational psychologist she worked in different environments (prisons, schools and institutions). Her work in arts is mainly focused on psycho-social research articulated in different ways of expression.

Leen De Graeve (BE): Graduated at RITS (Brussels) as a theatre director. She was member of theatre collective zie!duif (winner of Theater aan Zee 2008). She developed her skills in intimate theatre by working with Louise Chardon, Andwhatbesidesdeath and Sidney Leonie. Her love for site-specific theatre grew throughout making performances in poor neighborhoods of Antwerp, Brussels, Cairo, Barcelona and Beirut. In her work she explores the limits of the self in public space. She experiments with new relations between audience and actor, and is shifting the borders between those two parties.

Mireia Chalamanch (ES): Performer (movement arts), stage director and actress. Degree in drama. Co-founder and coordinator of OOFF Co. for ten years. She has directed and played in authorial theater, produced her own pieces and also pieces with scientific content, and of literary character. She focuses on art projects based on participation. Her artistic work is characterized by a poetic search of the body and the word formalized in different fields.


CONCEPT: Mireia Chalamanch and Chirine Karame COLLABORATIVE CREATION, PERFORMING AND WRITING: Mireia Chalamanch, Leen De Graeve, Chirine Karame COSTUME COLLABORATION: Eugenia Gusmerini PRODUCTION: Cycle, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, Moussem RESIDENCY: CRA’P, Vrijstaat O THANKS TO: Toni Cots, Esther Freixa, our test-audiences

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