CRA’P resident January to March 2012


A couple of nights ago I dreamed that in a fantastic garden, under the shadow of the last sun, I see a child coming close. He’s still distant, I can’t see his face, but there’s something familiar. When I see his face I recognize myself. This is me when I was five years old. I hug him, I laugh and play for a while. As fruit, I’m gullible, naive and  pure. I promise him to keep him always in my heart. I wake up, I laugh.

Jorge Horno: has a degree in Fine Arts, has studied drama at Antzokia Eskola, and completed the International Master in scenic Arts (Juan Carlos University, Madrid). As performer during the last years has worked for the CIA. Rodrigo Garcia, Cia. Deus, Cia. La República and the CIA. Helena Cordoba.


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