CRA’P resident October – November 2011 – March to May 2012


Internal Landscape refers to that world which is part of us, however its manifestation happens only in the dreams. With the aim to establish a preferential relation with this universe, I have planned a series of working sessions throughout the night, from sunset till dawn. All the night long to let those sensitive mechanisms to merge thanks to a long enough time of dedication to observe . I hope to find in this daydreaming estate new ways for approaching the dreams and the imaginary, in order to transfer these developments onto a physical and experiential domain.

Jordi Mas Balado: I consider myself a dancer, researcher and thinker, engaged with life choices related to the health, the ccommunity action, the arts and the creation. First of all influenced by the ‘Body Weather Laboratory’, since 2000 I take part in choreographic works presented in theatre venues and urban public spaces, and work as well as a performer with different dance companies.

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