CRA’P workshops 2011

March – April – May: Tuesdays from 20h to 22h

We propose an approach to the moving body as a vehicle of experience, expression and creativity. Working sessions will be organized in three parts. A physical training to work on flexibility, strength, resistance, coordination, dissociation, and exercises aimed to deepen the way we perceive and / or feel: sight, hearing, touch. The second part in which we will explore the movement, the action and the pause  in relation with time and space. Finally we will open a working space, in group or individual, where through the themes proposed on the session each body will be able to create their own dance.

No previous experience is needed

Taught by Jorge Horno and Ana S Couso

Jorge Horno has a degree in Fine Arts, has studied drama at Antzokia Eskola, and completed the International Master in scenic Arts (Juan Carlos University, Madrid). As performer during the last years has worked for the CIA. Rodrigo Garcia, Cia. Deus, Cia. La República and the CIA. Helena Cordoba.

Ana S Couso recently completed the Master of Arts Practice and Dissemination Contemporany organized by L’animal a l’esquena/Universitat de Girona. In dance has been formed independently, studying in different schools and studios in Madrid, Barcelona and Thessaloniki (Greece), and participating in workshops and festivals in Europe and Israel. During last years she has worked mostly from improvisation and Butoh, and collaborated with artists and companies of Greece (Vis Motrix, XSomma, NomeolvidesCo.), France / Japan (Masaki Iwana / Moena Wakamatsu) and Israel (Shahar Dor ).

Price: 75 € three-month period
Registration: o 622 798 789.

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