CRA’P residents July– Setember – November 2011


Collapse is based in a serie of ideas: The human being, technology and nature has a potential maximum limit: the 100 %. If that limit is crossed, the thin line betwen 100% and 101%, the sistem collapses in different ways. In Collapse the center of our movement investigation are the ways that this sistem recovers. The recovery as a cultural construction is generally explained from the redemption: showing a load and getting rid of it or showing a limitation and breaking it. Collapse is also associated as a synonymous of overthrow, a fall or a chaos, like a loss of the totality towards the fragmentation, returning to the previous order or generating a new one as the the only way of restoration. In any case we will look at the recover from the getting rid of everything was previously there, takeing the temporal collapse development and the different sensations that triggers and how the multiple sistems try to recover until the whole cicle starts again and inexorably collapses again and again.



Cecilia Colacrai: dancer, choreographer, contemporary and improvisation dance teacher. Lives in Barcelona from 2002. Cecilia has developed her own work next to artists from different disciplines like circus, theater, video and music.

Gabriela Barberio: dancer, choreographer and actress. Member of the argentinian company “El Descueve” (1990-2005). Her formation is based in different tecniques of contemporary dance, martial arts, acrobacy, yoga, theater, contact-improvisation, among others.

Sebastian García Ferro: choreograph, dancer, performer, contact-improvisation teacher and composer resident at Phonos fundation, UPF. From 1999 directs his own company in Barcelona with which has created 16 pieces. Directs the Barcelona International Dance Exchange – B.I.D.E

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