CRA’P Presentations 2024

30 June at 6 pm at Can Gomà Theatre– Mollet del Vallès

‘Nothing but this: being a teenager’ places adolescence at the centre in order to experience it first-hand. Confronting the questions that arise in this vital moment, both intense and chaotic. A time marked by constant and radical changes, where the body bursts in and transforms us, in an explosion where awareness and confusion go hand in hand. Where the future appears with force and sweeps away childhood in the blink of an eye.







Artistic credits
Creation and performance: Joanna Hernández, Bruna Colín and Esther Freixa
Directed by: Esther Freixa
Accompanying the process: Toni Cots
Photografy: Alba Montañez
Artistic residency: CRA’P – creation practices and artistic research

Reverse box office

Limited seating.

Esther Freixa, actress, performer and scenic creator, has led the workshop CUERPO ESCÉNICO at CRA’P since 2012. Joanna Hernández and Bruna Colín have participated for almost all this time until age has prompted a turning point. Now that they are 13 years old, we have resolved to carry out a process together that will lead us to the creation of a piece in which the three of us share the stage. It will be a challenge and a culmination of everything we have shared all these years.



Photo: Alba Montañez

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