CRA’P Trainings 2023

Body Weather is a training and performance practice that explores the interconnections between bodies and their environments. The body is not conceived as a fixed and separate entity but rather, like the weather, is in constant change and mutation through a complex and infinite system of processes occurring inside and outside the body, and the world. A vital intuition opens up, a receptive state towards the space, or field of resonance that includes us, and we tune our listening.

From 17th of November
Fridays from 15h to 17h.

Guided by Carme Torrent

1 session 18€ (15€ collaborators and members of CRA’P)
5 sessions 75€ (65€ collaborators and members of CRA’P)

Registrations: / 666 763 504

CRA’P space

Carme Torrent Arnau. With an interest in the work of Body Weather (a laboratory for bodily climatology), developed by Min Tanaka and Hisako Horikawa, she travels to Japan and regularly collaborates with the Tokason company, directed by Min Tanaka. Previously, she was a member of the company Raravis (Andrés Corchero and Rosa Muñoz). She is dedicated to exploring and listening to body tactility through various practices, among others; seitai, seiki, shiatsu, biodynamic craniosacral.

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