CRA’P residents February 2012


What do you want to explain us?
-Nothing, just to give, to feel…togheter, here, now.
– So?
-In fact, we support each other…
-I mean…your weigh on top of mine and viceversa.
-My weight?
-Yes, no matter if we touch each other or not, I feel your weight. So I react, I adapt: absorb, resist, accompany, avoid…Because in every relationship there is an arquitecture in movement.

We find ourselfs researching a common language which is expanding through every place we cross, in every residence, shareing it on the streets with others artists, with new landscapes and new stories. So that way, we talk about “Dansa Portée” when a dancer is accompanied in its movement for at least another dancer and we talk about “Titella Coral” (Chorus puppet) when this one is accompanied by a chorus of people.

Eighter human or puppet, we are moved by the other one sharing particularitis and disabilities, encouraging to use impulses, travelling and exploring the space.

Merlin Borg (FR): Contemplative physical actor, fan of animated forms (puppets, objects, colours, lines). From 2008, feels tempted to start a new choreographical language non virtuous based on notions of support, guidance and sharing weight. Also to exchange this language with artists, amateurs with different ages, people with some knind of disability…

Xavi Moreno (CAT): Autodidact from the Clown Street Theater School, he meets Moshen Cohen, Ricardo Mora (Cia. el Otro), Jango Edwards and Manu Aizpuru. Studies dramatic corporal expression with Jessica Walker, acrobatics at Rogelio Rivel School, Dance-Theater at Subbody Butoh School, dance with MAria Montseny, Mayte Vaos, Atsushi Takenouchi and Sara Pons. He likes assisting and sharing at Pepe’s Otal Puppet workshop.

Katherine Sheng Morrison (CAN/CHI): explores through dance, voice, music, game, drawing, painting, words. Educated in theater at Toronto University, has participated in Butho workshops during last years among which she remarks the Subbody Butoh School Himalaya and Cia. Raravis. Until it was possible, she sang her songs on the street. Works with Cia. AdonK! from 2010.

Federica Porello (ITA): dancer, choreographer and video-maker, member of CrIM (Independent creators in movement). She graduates at P.A.R.T.S, Brussels in 2006. She has worked for different artists, among them: Marlene Freitas (PT), Tg Stan (BE), Anne Katrine Dolven (NO), Ariadna Estalella (CAT). In 2009 starts a collaboration with Cia. AdomK! (FRA), Merling Borg, with the project “Laboratorio itinerante de danza portée y marioneta coral”. Now a days she works also with the catalán choreographer Alber Quesada and developes her own work.

Mireia de Querol (CAT): dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, member of CrIM (Independent creators in movement). She graduates at Theatreschool, AHK, Amsterdam, in 2007. She has worked with the choreographers: Kenzo Kusuda (NL), Arantxa Sagardoy (ESP), Angela Lamprianidou (CAT), Ariadna Estalella (CAT). Now a days she Works with Albert Quesada and Cia.Adonk! (FR). She has created a solo “I tots els altres”, awarded with the 3rd prize at Baltic Movement Contest, Gdansk (PL) and has collaborated with other artists like Mara Smaldone and Anna Mustonen.

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