CRA’P resident January to December 2023


The dance communicates with the whole body and in several directions at once, but often on a square 2-dimensional stage. In this research residency, Emilie Lund (Eluda Dance Co. – Black Circle Stage) will investigate the circular 360 degree stage as format in collaboration with the dancer Edward Tamayo and CRA’P. How do the circular stages impact and bring possibilities for the generation of choreographic material?

With inspiration from Rudolf Laban’s theories on the analysis of movement in space, we want to rethink and test the body in relation to the stage. We will examine the choreographic expression of dance on a circular stage under the topic of heterotopia.







Emilie Lund from Eluda Dance Co. will be in charge of theoretical writing and leadership of the project. She will focus on how to create concepts fitting and breaking the circular space.

Edward Tamayo from La Cerda works physically with spirals, circulation and floor-work; therefore, we expect a relevant relationship between the circular body language and the circular stage.

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