We need you to keep going

We call for support because if we do nothing, by February 2023 we will no longer be able to maintain the space of CRA’P.

Since the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic, we are seeing how the world is changing, and this change is also affecting our condition, which is gradually ceasing to be self-sustainable. It is difficult to know which way we are going, but we hope with all our hearts that the new reality will include projects and spaces such as CRA’P. We are a collective of people who are working to develop artistic practices that link artists with their surroundings. We are committed with spaces in which meeting takes place, based on creation, exhibition, training, research and the exchange of knowledge, in order to generate over time a sensitive, open, creative, critical and supportive community.

During these 12 years of life of the association, lots of people have enjoyed everything that has nourished its activity, and the venue in Mollet del Vallès has been the space that has made it possible. The mould where everything that everyone, individually and in common, has been able to develop has been gestated, so as to later share it beyond the four walls, the three doors and the many windows that characterise our space: physical and symbolic.

We are deeply grateful to all the people who have collaborated over the years with their contributions ranging from €5 per month to €15, according to what everyone has been able to donate. We will never tire of saying it, without them CRA’P would never be possible. But today it is not enough. If there are now 47 of us, we need to double that number in order to move forward and make the space sustainable over time and guarantee its continuity beyond possible funding and occasional donations.

If you can be one of these people donating €5 a month to help pay the running costs of the venue, then write to us! You will be very welcome to the “CRA’P community”. You will have discount in all the paying activities and you will be part of this artistic project that aims to share the experiences and knowledge of the arts with the whole of our society, from the youngest to the eldest. Always with accessible prices and a great desire to reach everyone, by making art a common place.

What is our commitment?

To ensure the continuity of CRA’P with the Mollet venue as a facilitating space for this shared project, in order to consolidate, expand and deepen its objectives and working axes, which you can find on the website: http://www.cra-p.org/?lang=en

 If you want to know more, write to us with your queries: info@cra-p.org

If you are already a supporter, you can help us by disseminating this message.

CRA'P - pràctiques de creació i recerca artística | Anselm Clavé 67, 3r | 08100 Mollet del Vallès | info@cra-p.org