CRA’P residence March 2022 to December 2023


The research residency´s purpose is to apply physical principles of the traditional Japanese and Balinese mask to contemporary clowning. Starting from an understanding of how the body is structured and coded in these traditions (the creation of volumes, the boundaries of movement in each action, the internal connections and the energetic lines that are opened), the expressive language of the body of clown will be elaborated.

I access these traditions by generating a clown that has energetic reverberations in space that range from the maximum to the minimum expression and has a communicative power that emanates beyond one´s body. I am interested in the relationship that these cultures have with the subtle and the ineffable, and my intention is to translate this into a contemporary aesthetic that is also closer to Western clown tradition.

I initiate the study of physical principles of the traditional mask from Japan and Bali through a personalized training with Toni Cots.










Diana Gadish attends the first cycle of Fine Arts at U.B. and in 2007 she graduated from S.N.D.O.(Higher choreography studies in Amsterdam).

As a performer, she has worked on dance, theater, clown and “performance art” projects in different countries (Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Mexico). She was a member of the interdisciplinary group of music and dance improvisation The Moving Point (Amsterdam). She worked in projects of Amaranta Velarde, Maria Stoyanova, La Fura dels Baus, Joao Black, Jeremy Wade, Guillem Mont, Katerina Bakatesaki (with choreography of Min Tanaka), the company Zinc Co. And Big Bouncers, among others.

In 2008, she gets in contact with the clown world through Jango Edwards and his Cabaret Cabrón. In that same year, she begin to create her own sketchs, performing in numerous cabarets, poetry festivals and gatherings. Since 2015, she is a hospital clown with “Pallapupas”.

With her own work, she handles a personal and unclassifiable language, with the body and comedy as the central axis. With her creations, she has performed in several countries around Europe and Latin America.

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