CRA’P Workshops 2022

Saturday 9 July from 10:30 to 13:30

In a society in which we are increasingly isolated from each other, this proposal is to practice the opposite: self-experimentation based on joint exploration through shared physical and sensory impulses. Instead of starting from our individual search we will explore ourselves through relationships. Making use of contact as a guide and external source, which will give us the support to get out of the patterns of movement installed in our inner self.

How do we perceive the body anew? how do we feel a movement we have never done before? can we do different actions in different parts of the body simultaneously? These new connections will keep our body attentive, a body in process.

In this practice, the basis will be working together in the form of duets or trios or as a group. In the first part, the practice will be more oriented towards one’s own anatomy, and in the second part the relationship will take place using the space. The aim is to let the movement be the result of the tasks and premises being worked on, freeing the conscious process in the creation of movement, and letting the body, in all its complexity, find new co-ordinations in form, rhythm and texture, where the conscious mind would be unable to reach by itself.

The tools shared in this workshop have been developed by the Swiss-born, Brussels-based dancer and choreographer Thomas Hauert of the company ZOO.










Conducted by Manuela Raurich Mateluna

25€ (20€ CRA’P collaborators and associated members, members of the APdC, AADPC, AGT and graduates from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona).

CRA’P space

Registration: / 666 763 504

Manuela Raurich Mateluna studied dance in the Theaterschool in Amsterdam where she participated in various creations with the students of SNDO. After that she specialized in Choreography at Codarts in Rotterdam. Once she graduated she worked for the production house Dansateliers in Rotterdam and participated at DanceWeb festival in Vienna. During her maternity time she was influenced by the philosophy from Emmi Pikler. Currently she is teaching dance and learns Iyengar Yoga at Centre de Ioga de Barcelona with Jordi Martí and his team.


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