CRA’P Presentations 2022

Saturday, 21 May at 19:00
Pruneres Park – Mollet del Vallès

We celebrate the death anniversary of master Veerasree Sami Gurukkal, who dedicated his life to the transmission of Kalaripayattu that we do at CRA’P.

There will be a free and open practice for all ages from 7 years and upwards, and demonstrations for anyone interested in learning about this practice.

No physical condition or previous experience is necessary, young and old can participate.

The Kalaripayattu of Kerala (India) is one of the most ancient martial art forms in the world. Through it’s very scientific physical discipline, it opens up the practitioner energy channels and pushes the boundaries of the body to become strong, flexible and focused – physically, mentally and spiritually; the reason why both theatre and dance artists and anyone interested practice it as a daily discipline.







Free entrance.



Photos: Alba Montañez

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