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WANDERING – A journey’s tale

Wandering – A journey’s tale is the third part of a trilogy, the result of a continuous dialogue between Esther Freixa and Toni Cots that began in 2007 with the process and creation of Medea (à la carte), which was followed by 30 years – a poetic act of resistance, and that now culminates with this work. Each proposal, in its own way, generates a space of intimacy and relationship with the public to share the various themes, which the contemporary revision of the myth and the legacy of its memory questions.

It is a journey that befalls in the encounter and separation of two lonely beings, unpredictable in their behaviour, who go adrift exiled from any context, immersed in a non-linear time.









Photo: Houari Bouchenak Khelladi

Esther Freixa i Ràfols is an actress and Performing arts maker with a degree in Drama from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona. She works as a performer with different artists and companies. At the same time, she looks for pedagogical lines that allow the transmission of knowledge about the body within the creative act by giving classes, workshops and courses. She is a founding member of CRA’P, creation practices and artistic research.

Toni Cots is an actor, researcher, dramaturg, professor and director of Performing Arts, and cultural manager. His work has been developed in different countries of the world. He is a founding member of CRA’P, creation practices and artistic research.

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