CRA’P residents March 2021


4th Creation Residence
This creative process starts from a reflection on the concept of home, what is home for you? Three women, immersed in modern life, realize the lack of ‘that’: a home for them. They search through different spaces and ways how to return to that familiar place of rest in which to feel calm, safe, cared for … May be that place is not that far away and can be found on the earth, in the body, or even in the bond.





La Atlántica is an international theatre collective that brings together artists from different countries. They come together out of interest in the collective work, and the desire to generate networks with other women’s collectives. They are in the process of creating their first work: Home-Maison-Casa, which won the ‘scholarship for Performing Arts 2020-2021’ awarded by the Theatre Circle of Valencia. At the same time, receives the award by Iberescena as the collective Agrupación Tripulación (Chile) to collaborate in the creation of the work Walinto by the Collective Tripulación at the Maile el Monte Residence in Chile in October 2021.

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