CRA’P Collaborations 2020

CRA’P in collaboration with the Archives OVNI – Observatory of Video Not Identified, presents a video program with a subsequent discussion in memory of toni serra *) abu ali.

11 December from 18h to 20h

 For the Birds by Keith Sanborn, 7’ (USA)
Inspired by the Sufi text of the eleventh century ‘The Language of the birds’ (Mantiqut tahir by Farid ud-Din Attar).

La caravane de Mé Aïsha by Dalila Ennadre, 50’ (Morocco / France)
It tells the life of Aïcha Messaoud, an old woman who spent her entire life in the bosom of an illustrious nomadic family.

Al Barzaj by toni serra *) abu ali, 13’ (Marrakesh)
It is a poem about the intermediate world, between the invisible and the invisible, sleep and vigil…An inner journey through underground streets and secret gardens.

13 December from 18h to 20h

 Satsanga_in company of the reality by toni serra *) abu ali, 19’ (India, Morocco)
Video made from a conversation in 1979 between a traveller and Nisarghadata, one of the exponents of the Advaita Vedanta School.

 Pi’txi by Xavi Hurtado, 40’ (Colombia, Spain)
In Nash Colombian culture, Pi’txi is the intermediary or emissary between worlds.

7 contemplations by toni serra *) abu ali, 10’ (Morocco)
‘One can see the flight of a bird, look at it to observe it, or feel that it flies with it. That is to contemplate, to become the other’ Hafiz






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CRA’P Space

Toni Serra *) abu ali has explored through his video works different visions, in a no-man’s-land between experimental essay and poetry, with a constant presence of the notion of trance and the dreams realities… Like a journey that not only crossed, but also erased those limits and boundaries.

The materials contained in the OVNI Archives are the result of various thematic research projects, a whole constellation of titles with the common denominator of their free expression and reflection on individual and collective fears and pleasures. It builds together a vision of multiple facets, like thousands of little eyes, that deepen and explore our world, or announce other possible ones.


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