CRA’P Public presentations – Workshops 2020

6, 12 and 20 December 

Respirar el Mahābhārata is a 12 years long ritual performance. Between december 12th 2016 and december 12th 2028 Michael Gadish commits himself to live deepening in the great tale of the Mahabharata. Every fifteen days he will share his progress in the blog and will premiere every year (always on december 12) a new show, based on the narration of the Mahabharata.

Each show is independent and it is not necessary to have seen any of the precious ones in order to enjoy it; however, the shows do have a continuity between them that will be enjoyed by whomever decides to follow the complete development of the performance.

The Mahābhārata is the great history of mankind. A labyrinthine story, 7000 pages long, in Sanskrit language, about which origins there’s being much more speculated than what we actually know. A tale, an epic poem, a cosmic family line, philosophical, mystical, ethical or esoteric text. There’s no consensus about what the Mahābhārata is: a story that provokes, inspires and transforms from within; an encyclopedia of fantastic tales which feels to be more real than the oxygen we breath and, at the end, a mystery.

The fifth chapter of this 12 years performance, which will be premiered next 12.12.2020, looks into listening, reality and our positioning towards it. With the collaboration of actress and singer Gisele Cornejo, and the Performing Arts director Toni Cots.

Reflecting the creative process of this last year, the fifth show has an online or in person version. The show is divided in three meetings:

First meeting 6/12/20: Workshop on how to listen to the narration of the Mahabharata. Online (zoom) – 19h Spain (15h Argentina, 13h Colombia, 12h Mexico). Length: Hour and a half.

Second meeting 12/12/20: Ritual narration, with Gisele Cornejo.
In person or online (zoom). In person: CRA’P collective’s theater at 12h. Online (zoom): 19h Spain (15h Argentina, 13h Colombia, 12h Mexico). Length: two hours.

Third meeting 20/12/20: Ritual closing.
Online (zoom – 19h Spain (15h Argentina, 13h Colombia, 12h Mexico). Length: One hour.









Directed by Michael Gadish

35€ (28€ CRA’P collaborators and associated members). Assistance to all sessions required.

Registrations: / 666 763 504

At CRA’P Space

Michael Gadish have studied Hebrew philology BA in the University of Amsterdam and a certification program in sanskrit language and culture with Elena Sierra in the University of Barcelona. He collaborates as a writer in theater and contemporary dance projects since 2004. The search of the origins of language and the meeting between philosophy, art and the traditional with the contemporary has brought him to focus on story telling as a tool, combined with new scenic languages close to the performance arts as well as specializing in the roots of Indian traditional storrytelling: the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Purana, out of the feeling that they are an unending  spring of wisdom and creativity. He collaborates with yoga training courses and organizes talks and workshops about Indian cosmogony which combines creativity with education. Since 2016 he is leading a 12 years performance based on the Mahabharata, where he commits to study during 12 years this great work and premiere each 12th of the 12th a new show based on a part of this story. Each 15 days he publishes a writing on the state of the process in the blog:

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