CRA’P Collaborations 2020-2021

21 Nov / 12 Dec / 16 and 30 Jan / 20 Feb

CRA’P in collaboration with the Museum Abelló in the cycle ‘Landscape in land-scape’.

We propose a workshop that we call “work-shop” for the possibility of intervening experiences that provide a drift that we call “toppling”. It is a toppling because deconstructs the conceptual frames fixing the relationship between body and landscape. We will do five sessions on Saturdays, between November and February, and will collect materials to be shown at the cabinet of the Museum Abelló.

The work-shop consists of two parts. In the first one we explain the narratives of places, and which concepts, metaphors and symbols are communicating with personal experiences; in the second one we work on the body environment in relationship with these narratives using the working room as a translation of the original toppling.

21 November at 11:00 – Toppling (drifting):
This first toppling begins the cycle ‘Landscape in land-scape’, the meeting point will be the cabinet of the Museum Abelló, from there we will follow the watercourses floods of the river Besos until the hydro-chemical containers buried on the way towards the municipality La Llagosta, where we will inaugurate the project. From the immersion in the landscape we offer a collective experience that will relate the flows that make up the place with the meteorology of the body.

12 December at 16:00 to 18:00 – Work-shop at CRA’P space.

16 January at 11:00 – To lift the toppling (drift):
Starting point at the Cabinet of the Museum Abelló. This second toppling must be lifted among all participants. We want the work-shop participants to take us to the location where they want to make the topple (drift).

30 January at 16:00 to 18:00 – Interlace the work-shop at CRA’P space.

20 February at 11:00 – Debate bated.
Closing at CRA’P. We wide open a window from which to see the experiences of the work-shop and the topples (drifts). We wish to de-bate the epical possibilities of the ecological gesture: the ear that grinds the spirit of the place, or that makes earing the place of the spirit, we will thresh to separate the grain from the chaff and with this wheat we will bake the breading-landscapes.






Directed by Jordi Mas and Daniel Farré




Hiat_us group is an open collective that is working from the eco-social analysis and from the performativity on the art of landscape memory – a dramaturgy of places, that is generated when placing movements, objects and words. They use hiatuses or non-conformities in order to vacate a space when cutting it across, leaving behind the body a void, a possibility to read what has not been registered. They move filling the memory of the places.

The work they propose is based on an analysis of the flows that build the landscape, initially from the water vector: erosion, sedimentation and anthropic alterations. They look for metaphors that simultaneously describe by analogy, the dynamics of the landscape and the culture or expression of the body, bringing the landscape to a writing form and a bodily performance. The project «Landscapes in landscape» is located on the contaminated soils and self-absorbed (placed) landscapes in the Besòs river, between Mollet and La Llagosta, using various concepts, spaces or platforms to be implemented within the framework of the Cicle L’Aparador.

Hiat_us group is a collective formed by Jordi Mas, eco-corporeal researcher and environmental dancer, and Daniel Barbé, geologist and essayist. They begin working together in the “Ode to the body” (Workroom of Body Activisms) shown at the CCCB with the collaboration of the Network for a New Culture of Water, referring to the crisis caused by the climate change in different landscapes of Catalonia (2018). Currently, they are also implementing the educational school programme “Water and climate change” of the Maresme County Council, in which the work altogether the landscape, the body and the technology, to make accessible the local effects of climate change (2019).

* The artistic research carried out by Jordi Mas sets a correlation between dance and landscape. It moves between the environmental capacities of the dancing body, locating its meteorology in specific territorial contexts, with the main objective of making the significance of a place more plural. He has developed the long-term projects «New landscape, or no landscape» under the prism of a danced geography, and the participatory process with the inhabitants of peripheral territories in collective creations: «Choreography and landscape».

* Daniel Barbé Farré looks after a transversal cultural work-shop in between the epics of landscape and the lyrics of activism. Is searching for a writing placed at the crossroads of Novalis’ Encyclopedia, Raymond Roussel’s Locus Solus, and Pliny’s Lapidary. He inscribes the landscape in an art of memory in which we not only find places and objects, but also the transits of a body between the different places to form figures are needed.



Photos: Fiona Capdevila

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