CRA’P Workshops 2020-2021

From October to June

Initial meeting 22/09 at 18h

It is a proposal based on the performing arts of theater and dance, a workshop to discover your own body, the relationship with others and the creative fact.

Through different techniques each child can develop awareness of the body, attention, and work his/her own senses openly. Awareness of its own body enhances sensitivity, confidence and security, strengthens the communication and the relationship with the environment.

A framework of trust is established in which to explore and develop the children’s creativity, accompanying the individual and group learning processes.


Teaching team Julieta Ferraro, Isidora Zegers, Sigrid Kollmannsperger, Diana Gadish and Esther Freixa

From 3 to 5  –  Thursday 17:15-18:15
From 6 to 8  –  Tuesday 17:15-18:15
From 9 to 11  –  Tuesday 18:15-19:45
From 6 to 14 *  –  Thursday 18:30-19:30
(* Children with special educational needs)

1h week 25€/month (20€ CRA’P partners)
1:30h week 35€/month (30€ CRA’P partners)

Registrations: / 666 763 504

Julieta Ferraro. Teacher of Contemporary Dance, dancer and actress. During the last ten years she has specilized in the area of theater dance, contemporary dance, physical theater and film-dance. She has periodically taught through diverse festivals, projects and institutions. Among the most significant projects are “Fronteras” (Chile and Argentina) as well as the home of orphans and juvenile prison in Rosario, Argentina.

Isidora Zegers. Dancer, choreographer and teacher, graduated in Dance. Since 2007 she has been conducting dance and creation workshops in schools, institutes, foundations and international festivals. She also has studies in Chiropractic, Tibetan Osteopathy and Qigong, incorporating these practices into her scenic and pedagogical work.

Sigrid Kollmannsperger. Actress-performer and creative plastic, graduated from the Réplika Actor School. For more than fifteen years she has been formed in various physical acting techniques, anatomical, movement, dance, singing and martial art. She has worked with people with functional diversity at the Pere Mitjans Foundation and she has been a member of several theater companies and cultural associations.

Esther Freixa. Actress/performer and a Performing Arts maker. BA degree in Drama from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona. For over 10 years she has been teaching, giving workshops and courses about body awareness and movement in primary schools, theatre and dance schools, cultural institutions and centres. She has shown her pieces in several countries in Europe and Latin America. She is a founding member of CRA’P.

All CRA’P partners have a minimum 10% discount on all activities.

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