CRA’P residents February-September 2020


Chop Suey is a painting ,a recipe, and the point of the thread to create a story.

Based on the famous painting of Hopper: “Chop Suey”, we as movers  explore the mistery of every “quiet feeling” behind each painting:

– Nightworks

– Automat

– House of the railwood

– Room by the sea

– Summer interior

– Early Sunday monday

This play is our intent to approach through dance and theater the Hopper’s atmosphere: his cinematic style with its voyeuristic perspectives and its dramatic interactions between light and shadow.  This is our experiment to give  life to  these  isolated figures that inhabit anomymous urban places. With so much enigma and stillness, maybe movement could bring some answers, maybe more questions, maybe just poetry.









Julieta Ferraro: Argentinian artist specialized in Physical Theatre, Contemporary Dance, Experimental Dance and Body Wearher Technique. During the last ten years she’s worked teaching workshops in Argentina, Chile and Guatemala. As a freelance artist she has performed and studied at various sites of Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Berlin, Paris, Guatemala, New York and India. During 2018 she started her research in dance at  Siobhan Davies Studios in London. Nowadays she is living in Barcelona working as an actress, teaching workshops and creating with her two projects “Adesso La Finestra” and “Cía Charol y Ferraro”.

Carolina Charol Stefano: She lives in Barcelona since 2016, working  as a dancer, acrobat and freelance performer. Since 2018 she is  working with la Fura Dels Baus, Teatro Liceu with paco Azorín and her personal creation with the Group Cía. Charol&Ferraro. She’s worked in differents projects, as Fuerza Bruta in Argentina, Vivian Luz Dance Theater, Mayra Bonard, Gabriela Barberio, Brenda Angiel, and others choreographers between Argentina and Barcelona.

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