The body as axis and place of experience

CRA’P Workshops 2019-2020

From October to June
Thursdays from 20h to 22h.

This workshop offers a continuous process of learning through regular practices from six modules. Each module proposes a vision and a space of search and exploration, as well as a time of exchange and dialogue to investigate the listening, the creativity, the awareness, the energy, the internal impulses, the movement, and the own and common spaces.

This workshop, taught by six professionals of the performing arts, is aimed at any person interested in deepening their knowledge of the body, both for a personal benefit and for their professional development. No previous experience is needed.







Conducted by: Julieta Ferraro, Toni Cots, Diana Gadish, Isidora Zegers, María Elisa Al Cheikh and Esther Freixa

1 MODULE ‘The body as window’: 3 October – 7 November 2019, Julieta Ferraro

This proposal arises from a personal investigation based on a definition: a window is an opening in a wall to give space to air and light; and at the same time, connection and protection of the external world. Through different techniques and improvisation broadly understood, we will seek access to ludic, dreamlike, hallucinated, phantasmagorical and abysmal states.

2 MODULE ‘The relational space’: 14 November – 19 December 2019, Toni Cots

It is a proposal whose main objective is to explore the different ways in which space generates relationships, and how relationships can determine places from which to see and perceive the other, becoming aware of the positions we adopt.

3 MODULE ‘Pulse, wave, spiral, infinity and emptiness’: 9 January – 13 February 2020, Isidora Zegers

In this module, elements of Qigong, Musculoskeletal Therapy and Dance will be articulated, allowing us to enter the body, its internal spatiality and its movement, and the relationship with the space outside. In this relationship, we will explore both the becoming of the body in space, and the possibility for the space to take place in the body.

4 MODULE ‘To inhabit space’: 20 February – 26 March 2020, Diana Gadish

The 6 sessions of the module will be implemented as a laboratory in which to experiment different ways of inhabiting the space, moving in and going through it, and by sharing it. How to generate a common space, and develop a state of awareness in which to follow our impulses.

5 MODULE ‘Listening and movement’: 2 April – 14 May 2020, María Elisa Al Cheikh

This module aims to investigate the act of listening to the body, by using various tools that come from body techniques, the performing arts and therapeutic practices such as the dance movement therapy or the psychodrama.

6 MODULE ‘Body inside’: 21 May – 25 June 2020, Esther Freixa

A proposal to explore the inner body. Listening to internal impulses, giving space to express themselves through movement and voice, using creativity and improvisation. A proposal to enter into the intimacy of the sensitive body and its memories.

One module: 70€ (Collaborators of CRA’P 60€)
Three modules: 190€ (Collaborators of CRA’P 165€)
Six modules: 360€ (Collaborators of CRA’P 300€)

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At CRA’P space

Julieta Ferraro is a dancer, performer and actress. She has trained in dance and theatre in various schools in Argentina, Chile, Berlin, New York, India and London. In the last ten years, she has worked linking various artistic languages within the frame of the performing arts. Her search of the movement is based on an exploration of qualities and images.

Toni Cots has studied theatre and dance as well as traditional Asian performing and martial arts. Researcher, maker, teacher and dramatist of performing arts. Cultural manager and coordinator of international festivals, projects and creation centres. Founding member of CRA’P. He has given workshops in Europe, South America and North Africa.

Isidora Zegers is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Since 2007 has been conducting dance and creation workshops in schools, institutes, foundations, and international festivals. She has also trained in Chiropractic, Tibetan Osteopathy and Qigong, incorporating these practices into her scenic and pedagogical practices.

María Elisa Al Cheikh has a Bachelor of Arts (UCV). Master in Social Psychology (UCV) of Venezuela, and Dance Movement Therapy (Autonomous University of Barcelona – UAB). Body Psychotherapist, DM-Therapist, Psycho-dramatist, Researcher in the areas of Corporality, Performance, Public space and Politics in Venezuela. Contemporary dance dancer. Founder of ‘Entrecuerpos. Study Centre’.

Diana Gadish, her main Studies background is the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. As a performer, she has worked in projects in several countries. Since 2004, she has developed her own artistic work. She teaches regularly body work at ‘Laboratorio Escuela’, and works as a hospital clown with ‘Pallapupas’.

Esther Freixa is an actress, performer and a Performing Arts maker. BA degree in Drama from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona. For over 10 years she has been teaching, giving workshops and courses about body awareness and movement. She has shown her work in several countries in Europe and Latin America. She is a founding member of CRA’P.

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