CRA’P Resident March 2019 to December 2020

A STUDY ON SMOKE. First note: “Memory of an instant”

Memory of an instant is about an interior journey in which are reflected interrupted moments, those fragments of that past that were once present, coming from a disoriented body in movement that makes memory.

The purpose of this first note is to build a catalogue of actions, in search of a gesture reinvented with each link, each relationship. It is to approach the body as a ruin: the remains of everything that happens. What is revealed when the body is faced with its own forever unfinished story?

Ana Sánchez. She has studied dance in different schools and dance studios in Madrid, Barcelona and Thessaloniki (Greece), and has participated in workshops and festivals in Europe and Israel. Has collaborated with companies and creators from Greece (Vis Motrix, Popi Sfika), France / Japan (project RE-BE 2011-2016 Masaki Iwana) and Israel. In 2010, she finished the Master in Contemporary Arts Practice and Dissemination (L’animal a l’esquena / UdG / Dartington College of Arts) where made a research on the body as an experience of intimacy. In recent years, she has trained as a Seitai instructor. She has collaborated with different cultural associations: Nomeolvides Co. (Thessaloniki, Greece), CRA`P (Mollet, Barcelona), and with the association Espaidó for the dissemination of Seitai.

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