CRA’P Collaborations 2023 Saturday 4 November at 20h Theatre Can Gomà – Mollet del Vallès CRA’P presents “Wandering – landscapes of memory” a creation by and with Toni Cots and Esther Freixa i Ràfols In Wandering, the audience is transported to landscapes threatened by the darkness of oblivion and the loss in the folds of […]

CRA’P Presentations 2023 29 September at 20:00 at CRA’P space To consider is to draw stars together. Constellations are just imaginary lines, lines imagined by the viewer. There should be as many constellations as there are ways of looking at them. I consider cells of stories, cartoons, scenes, and I connect them by the points […]

THE LEGACY OF THE KALARI CRA’P Presentations 2023 Saturday, 20 May at 19:00 at CRA’P space We remember the master Veerasree Sami Gurukkal, who dedicated his life to the transmission of Kalarippayattu that we do at CRA’P. A great opportunity to discover kalarippayattu. There will be demonstrations by kalari practitioners, and the screening of the documentary […]

CRA’P Presentations 2023 Saturday 6th May at noon This year, we have many reasons to celebrate at CRA’P. This party is to thank all and each of you that is giving support: every month, every year, punctually or from time to time. Nothing has been more fortunate for us than crying for help and receiving […]

CRA’P Collaborations 2023 Sunday 30 April at 18:00 Theatre Can Gomà – Mollet del Vallès CRA’P present the dance production “Big Bounce” by the Collective Big Bouncers (Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol and Anna Rubirola) Big Bounce is a production centred on movement and words that revolves around the concept of origin that plays at […]

TONI COTS – ESTHER FREIXA I RÀFOLS CRA’P Residencies 2023 25 and 26 March at 12h CRA’P Space Wandering – A journey’s tale is the third part of a trilogy, the result of a continuous dialogue between Esther Freixa and Toni Cots that began in 2007 with the process and creation of Medea (à la […]

LIGHT AND VIBRATION CRA’P Collaborations 2023 17 March from 19:00 to 21:00 CRA’P in collaboration with the Archives OVNI – Observatory of Video Not Identified, presents a video-essay curated by Alessandro Quaranta and Toni Cots capable of arousing in the observer a critical as well as a contemplative thought. The material used consists partly of […]

CRA’P Collaborations 2023 Saturday 28 January at 21h Can Gomà Theatre – Mollet del Vallès CRA’P presents “Life is a dark force” a show by Colectivo Ameno and Danilo Facelli X and Z are children of the night. Fed up with the discomfort caused by the excess of artificial light, they decide to act. To […]

DIANA GADISH CRA’P Residences 2022 16 December at 20h At CRA’P space The research residency´s purpose is to apply physical principles of the traditional Japanese and Balinese mask to contemporary clowning. Starting from an understanding of how the body is structured and coded in these traditions (the creation of volumes, the boundaries of movement in […]

RETURN TO THE ORIGINS CRA’P Presentations 2022 Sunday 11 December from 16h to 20h CRA’P Space Respirar el Mahabharata is the vow to narrate during twelve years the Mahabharata, the longest known tale. Since the first year, the aim of the process has been to inquire into the experience of oral storytelling, its possibilities, and […]

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