CRA’P Trainings 2023 Body Weather is a training and performance practice that explores the interconnections between bodies and their environments. The body is not conceived as a fixed and separate entity but rather, like the weather, is in constant change and mutation through a complex and infinite system of processes occurring inside and outside the […]

CRA’P Trainings 2023 Regular practice of Kalaripayattu, south Indian marcial art form. From January to June Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15h to 9:30h. Tuesday from 20:15h to 21:30h. Wednesday from 16h to 17:15h. Friday from 17h to 18:15. July Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15h to 9:30h and from 19:15h to 20:30h. Friday from 17h to 18:15h. […]

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