CRA’P Resident February to April 2024 OF SAND AND FRESH WATER Weaves together several strands: a writer struggling with his inability to come to terms with reality, the story of Ahmed and the metaphorical door, interwoven in a choreographic tapestry. Ahmed symbolises hope for a better tomorrow, his untimely death leaving a lasting mark, while […]

CRA’P residents October 2023 till June 2024 NOTHING BUT THIS: BEING A TEENAGER This process is intended to be both a meeting place as well as a rite of passage. After years of sharing classes together, we are now also planning to share the stage in a collective creation that will focus on what Joanna […]

CRA’P Residents May 2023 THE LITTLE UNKNOWN The Colectiva 9 Gramos draws its creative base from the investigation of genealogy and the persistent desires of the subconscious to develop specific symbols that are currently running through us, and help us to understand who we are and where we come from. In developing our pieces, we […]

CRA’P Resident January to December 2023 DANCE PLAGUE Based on a historical fact, the Dance Plague lived in Strasburg in 1518 , Zoe Balasch starts an investigation on Choreomanias/dancemanias. She is interested in the unstoppable impulse to dance, its epidemic dimension, as well as its contamination and dissemination on a group and on a collective […]

CRA’P resident January 2023 to January 2024 360 DEGREES The dance communicates with the whole body and in several directions at once, but often on a square 2-dimensional stage. In this research residency, Emilie Lund (Eluda Dance Co. – Black Circle Stage) will investigate the circular 360 degree stage as format in collaboration with the dancer Edward Tamayo and CRA’P. How […]

CRA’P resident September – October 2022 ¡HOMO ERECTUS! Artistic residence to create a theatrical piece with masks and puppets that presents some possible moments of the millennial journey of hominids, particularly of the homo-sapiens family, on the planet Earth. The title of the proposal refers to the theme of the primate lineages, and highlights in […]

CRA’P Residents April 2022 THE FIRST WORD OF THE FIRST POEM OF THE FIRST COLLECTION IS BASKET” “The first word of the first poem of the first collection is basket” or 第一集第一詩の最初の言葉は、バスケット is a research project. We take as our starting point Man’yōshū 万葉集 the first collection of Japanese poetry, literally “Collection of the Ten […]

CRA’P residents march – april 2022 ROKATEI ROKATEI is a performance, choreography and poetry created by Park Keito (Kotomi Nishiwaki and Miquel Casaponsa) using as a starting point the poems of Takahide Nishiwaki (1913-2002). A series of Tanka poems that he wrote during his travels in Japan. Tanka is a short Japanese poetic composition, which speaks […]

CRA’P residence March 2022 to December 2023 RESEARCH ON CONTEMPORARY CLOWN AND TRADITIONAL MASK FROM JAPAN AND BALI The research residency´s purpose is to apply physical principles of the traditional Japanese and Balinese mask to contemporary clowning. Starting from an understanding of how the body is structured and coded in these traditions (the creation of volumes, […]

CRA’P resident May-June-October 2021 COREOGRAFÍAS SELVÁTICAS Coreografías Selváticas is a research for performance that arises from the interest on sensitive production focused on the movements and forms of vegetal life. The curiosity that emanates from plants goes hand in hand with experimentation, alchemy and cultivation, three great magnetic fields where humanity can find the flow […]

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