CRA’P resident January to March 2019 FILOSOFÍA AMENA Filosofía Amena is a very pleasant philosophy conference. In it, questions are launched and, among other things, humor, love, magic and numerology are practiced. For the speaker it can be his great opportunity; to escape, to free yourself, to change your life. And it is that for […]

CRA’P resident October 2018 to June 2019 THE SPACE The residence The Space is a place of practice and reflection on space, specifically the spaces or internal cavities of the body, its exterior projection and its relationship with infinity.             Isidora Zegers, graduated as a performer in dance in 2008, […]

CRA’P residents August 2018 to July 2019 UTZBACH Utzbach reflects on the existence of the performing artist and of artistic and social sexism. The embryo and the central concept of the project are an adaptation of the play Der Theatermacher (1984) by Thomas Bernhard, one of the most important Austrian writers of the 20th century, a […]

CRA’P resident May 2018 to September 2019 SPIRITUAL BOYFRIENDS SPIRITUAL BOYFRIENDS (working progress) is a solo work on new spiritual practices, which today are replacing faith and Catholicism among new generations. God has reincarnated in pseudo New Age religions; spiritual practices that are mostly defined as hybrids, inspired by different cultures, religions, exoticism, symbols, myths and focused […]

CRA’P resident April to December 2018 RESPIRAR EL MAHABHARATA III Respirar el Mahabharata (To breathe the Mahabharata) is a 12 years performance act in which the artist commits himself to study during 12 years the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, and premiere each year, on the 12th of December, a new show based on the […]

CRA’P resident March to December 2018 BODY YOUR BODY Research process and creation of a scenic piece. body woman to be to be a woman Between the desert of light and the forest of darkness Heaven and Earth are drawn because you come here. silence and ineffable               Sigrid […]

CRA’P resident June 2017 LIKES Since 2015 Núria Guiu studies a degree on Anthropology and Human Evolution and a Iyengar Yoga TTC in Copenhagen. LIKES is the first version of a dance project which is based on the anthropological research method. The material of work and research is based on two physical practices which accumulate […]

CRA’P resident May to October 2017 – April to June 2018 SAUNTERER “(…) Because each walk is a kind of crusade that some hermit preaches in our interior so that we can move on and reconquer in the hands of the unfaithful this Holy Land.” Walk. Henry David Thoreau. Saunterer is a performance based on […]

CRA’P resident January to July 2017 – February to June 2018 RESEARCH RESIDENCY   Pei Hwee Tan worked 10 years at the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, a team of people researching in theatre craft and investigating the possibility of Art as a vehicle to work on oneself. Since 2009, she lives in […]

CRA’P resident October 2016 ALICE In collaboration with Tigrelab. Continuation of the solo ‘Wonderland Falling Tomorrow’ inside a context of a group and in colaboration with Tigrelab, collective which researches for this project with new ways of useing light, new technologies and dance.               Foto: Mark Jenkins   Original […]

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