CRA’P resident May-June-October 2021 COREOGRAFÍAS SELVÁTICAS Coreografías Selváticas is a research for performance that arises from the interest on sensitive production focused on the movements and forms of vegetal life. The curiosity that emanates from plants goes hand in hand with experimentation, alchemy and cultivation, three great magnetic fields where humanity can find the flow […]

WIND CRA’P residence October 2020 to June 2022 During July and August 2020 I developed a workshop that had as its starting point the Eight Extraordinary Vessels of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Wind was one of the many elements that were linked to the initial theme. This residence will be the space to continue discovering and […]

CRA’P resident October 2019 to December 2021 IN THE LABYRINTH ‘Parting is taking steps out of the room with the thread. The same thread. The word silence inside. Inside oneself – one?’ Threads, Chantal Maillard. This piece is a proposal to open a place to the instant. In the labyrinth either we find ourselves, or […]

CRA’P residents 2020-2021 WANDERING – A journey’s tale Wandering – A journey’s tale is the third part of a trilogy, the result of a continuous dialogue between Esther Freixa and Toni Cots that began in 2007 with the process and creation of Medea (à la carte), which was followed by 30 years – a poetic […]

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