CRA’P resident August – October 2020 S-END An isolated space occupied by a woman who sends, waits and receives over the distance. S-end wants to reflect the technological impact in a human relation. We start with the fake simplicity of a hug and we dive in a conflict with the same naturality as we have when we […]

CRA’P resident July to December 2020 RESPIRAR EL MAHABHARATA V Respirar el Mahabharata (To breath the Mahabharata) is a 12 year performance which consists in telling the Mahabharata, humankinds great story, in 12 consecutive performances released each 12 of December between 2016 and 2028. Evolution of the project can be followed in the blog: The […]

CRA’P residents February-September 2020 THE CHOP SUEY PROJECT Chop Suey is a painting ,a recipe, and the point of the thread to create a story. Based on the famous painting of Hopper: “Chop Suey”, we as movers  explore the mistery of every “quiet feeling” behind each painting: – Nightworks – Automat – House of the […]

CRA’P Residents January to December 2020 LIFE IS A DARK FORCE This is a piece of humor, poetry, politics and philosophy that starts from the excess of light that we observe every day in everyday life: shops, supermarkets, bares, restaurants, coffee shops, Offices, hospitals, floors, streets… From this observation we treat the following points that […]

CRA’P Resident 2020 ATLANTIS2020. REQUIEM FOR A LANDSCAPE Requiem for a Landscape is a staging proposal that takes form out of a research on body, movement and presence that began in 2017. This investigation is called Atlantis + the year in question. Thus, the title is updated every year, highlighting the present moment and the procedural […]

CRA’P Resident October 2019 to December 2020 IN THE LABYRINTH ‘Parting is taking steps out of the room with the thread. The same thread. The word silence inside. Inside oneself – one?’ Threads, Chantal Maillard. This piece is a proposal to open a place to the instant. In the labyrinth either we find ourselves, or we […]

CRA’P Resident March 2019 to December 2020 A STUDY ON SMOKE. First note: “Memory of an instant” Memory of an instant is about an interior journey in which are reflected interrupted moments, those fragments of that past that were once present, coming from a disoriented body in movement that makes memory. The purpose of this first […]

CRA’P Resident February 2019 to September 2020 ADESSO UNA FINESTRA Adesso una finestra It is a scenic translation of a book where the stories have as their axis a window. In the absence of movement or lack of courage to do so, there is sometimes a window; an opening in the wall where to give space to air […]

CRA’P Resident April 2012 – October 2012 to March 2013 – December 2017 to November 2020 CUERPO DOCUMENTO Cuerpo-Documento, is a scenic and research project that begins in 2012, in which the body is understood as a research field and a practice. The project is conceived as a multidisciplinary performative archive. It is linked to […]

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