CRA’P resident February and March 2024 OF SAND AND FRESH WATER Weaves together several strands: a writer struggling with his inability to come to terms with reality, the story of Ahmed and the metaphorical door, interwoven in a choreographic tapestry. Ahmed symbolises hope for a better tomorrow, his untimely death leaving a lasting mark, while […]

CRA’P resident January to December 2024 CRUUU Cruuu is a process; a self-discovery of a being in front of the public. This discovery will lead to different me-tamorphoses. Stories that surface, that are made and undone; fragments of old legends that appear and transform. A journey towards a primordial innocence, almost ancestral, and with a […]

CRA’P Resident january 2024 Oll from 0’60 Oll from 0’60 is the name of Danilo Facelli’s next solo project, a performative show that grows in parallel to his fifth book, which will bear the same title, and from which will come the texts that will be in the piece. The project stems from the sensation […]

CRA’P Resident January 2023 to December 2024 TEXTURES Textures is an exploration of what exists in that space before the expression is formalized. A transit space for observing that which is manifested. A space-scribble in which the interior and exterior initially seem blurred. Inhabiting that confusion to search for the lines that run through us […]

CRA’P Resident January 2023 to December 2024 DANCE PLAGUE Based on a historical fact, the Dance Plague lived in Strasburg in 1518 , Zoe Balasch starts an investigation on Choreomanias/dancemanias. She is interested in the unstoppable impulse to dance, its epidemic dimension, as well as its contamination and dissemination on a group and on a […]

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